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Student Handbook 2019-2020


Located in the Campus Center, the campus bookstore is open on weekdays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. The Bookstore provides required course materials and school supplies and many additional items that are helpful for your classroom success. Additionally, MSU imprinted apparel and novelty items, general reading books, greeting cards, helium balloons, and personal and snack items are available for purchase.

The bookstore is open extended hours during the first days of classes, and will be also open during special event days such as Farmer’s Bowl, Homecoming, and graduation.  

COMET CASH can be accepted in the bookstore. For further information about using your campus ID as cash, please see the bookstore director or food service director.

Refund Policy

If you should withdraw from a class or from school, book refunds can be made until the 10th day of class for full semester classes. After these dates, the bookstore will purchase your books at wholesale value. Please return books as soon as you can, as there may be another student who needs it. This is extremely important during the first days of the semester.

In order to receive your refund, return your course materials along with the receipt to the bookstore.

If your textbooks were charged against Financial Aid or to a credit card, we are unable to refund you cash; your credit card or financial aid will be refunded. 

Buy Back Policy

At the end of each semester during the final test week, the Bookstore conducts a book buy back. Watch for special hours of this event and further information on prices. The price you receive for you book will be determined by the following:

The book must be required for use during the next semester. If the book is required, you will receive 50% of the new selling price. (Books that are not used will be purchased at their wholesale value)

Workbooks, lab manuals, mass market paperbacks, and study guides are generally not bought back.

Books must be in a resalable condition.

Once Bookstore quota is reached, wholesale value will be given. The bookstore works with multiple wholesalers to get you the best available price.


You can contact us at 701-788-4823. 

Campus Center

The Campus Center houses the Bookstore, University Dining Services, Comets Landing student lounge, swimming pool, meeting rooms, and study spaces, including the “Fish Bowl”. The building is equipped with two pool tables, foosball table, and large screen television. All facilities are provided for student use, and you are encouraged to take advantage of them. Students pay no additional fee for use of the swimming pool. Reservation Requests for meeting rooms and other campus facilities can be made online.

Business Office

The Business Office is located on the first floor of Main Building, Room 108. Hours are 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.
The Business Office handles fee payment, payroll, and check cashing. Students can see their statement of charges and credits in their Connect ND account and can pay their accounts in the Connect ND environment. Questions about one's bills can be directed to the Business Office. Finally, Financial Aid checks are distributed in the Business Office. A Student ID is required to cash all checks.
Starting a New On-Campus Job
Students with on-campus employment must complete Forms I-9 and W-4 in the Business Office within three days of beginning their job.  Two of the following forms of identification (original documents) will be required: 1) drivers license, 2) original social security card, or 3) birth certificate; or a U.S. Passport. One government-issued document with a picture ID is required.


Personal and career counseling services are provided through the office of Counseling and Student Retention which is located in the Classroom Building, Room 115.  If you feel you would like assistance exploring educational, personal or career goals and would like to talk to someone, contact the counseling office at 701-788-4772.  It is the goal of the counseling office to provide a positive, confidential and supportive environment where all students feel free to express themselves.  When appropriate and with student consent, the counselor can facilitate referrals to other agencies.

Child Development Program

The Child Development Programs offers a comprehensive program for pregnant women, children and their families. Head Start, Early Head Start, collaborative Pre-K and childcare are options available on campus and across a five-county area. Services are provided in the areas of health, nutrition, education, social services, dental and parent involvement. There are two kinds of program options available – home-based or center-based.;
  • EHS/HS is operational on the MSU Campus (Birkelo Hall) and Hillsboro Armory. Collaborative Pre-K programming is offered at the Hillsboro Elementary, Dakota Prairie School (McVille) and Central Valley Schools and Cooperstown.
  • The Childcare program offers care for children ages six weeks through six years (kindergarten) on a daily basis, year-round. Childcare is offered at the Mayville and Hillsboro sites.
  • The CHEERS program operates at Peter Boe Jr. Elementary School and the Hillsboro Armory during the school year and at the Mayville & Hillsboro sites during the summer months. The program provides after-school care for kindergarten to sixth grade children.
  • The Child Development Programs is a licensed facility and participates in the USDA food program. Meals are provided to the children at no cost.
All programs require registration and some have waiting lists. If you are interested in more information, please 
  • stop by Birkelo Hall
  • call us at 701-788-4868 or 800-437-4010 ext. 34868
  • email us at 

Dining Services

The Dining Services team offers you high quality food and service. We realize the importance of healthy meals for a college student's lifestyle and strive to satisfy your needs! All on-campus students are expected to hold a board contract, and off-campus students can opt into a meal plan. The cafeteria is located in the Campus Center, and Dining Services provides lunch and dinner every day throughout the school year. 
Meal consists of entrées, soup, salad bar, grab-and-go items, drinks, and desserts. Students living in University residence halls are required to make a contractual agreement with the University for Board and off-campus students can opt to contract for dining dollars. Requests for changes to the board plan will be accepted during the first week of the semester. The Dining Hall is not open and board contracts do not include University vacation periods between semesters. 
  • All students on a Meal Plan must use their Student ID for payment of their meals.
  • The food service provides sack lunches or to-go containers. Sick tray service is allowed, but students wanting to have a friend use a sick-person's ID to purchase food on their behalf will need authorization from the Resident Director or Director of Student Life.
  • Dining Service customers are expected to conduct themselves properly in the Dining Facilities. Food fights or leaving trays and a mess on the table causes an unpleasant environment for all customers cannot be tolerated. Students who leave behind a mess such that extra cleaning is required may be billed for that time required for the additional cleaning.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Assistance for students from diverse cultural backgrounds is provided through services of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and by various faculty and staff members. A Diversity committee meets regularly to identify cultural issues. The committee plans various cultural events with the purpose to increase campus wide awareness of the needs of students. Contact the Director of ODI in the Byrnes-Quanbeck Library or email for information.

Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services manages the university’s recruitment of students to Mayville State. Enrollment Services staff visit high schools and community colleges and travel to career fairs. On-campus guests are hosted by Enrollment Services, who organize campus tours and meetings with appropriate staff, faculty, and coaches. The Office hosts open houses on campus for prospective students and staff is generally available to visit people interested in MSU during campus events. The Student Ambassadors, who provide most campus tours and do community outreach, are advised by Office staff. Scholarships for incoming and current students are awarded through Enrollment Services. Mayville State promotional materials, such as brochures, the view book and television commercials and print ads, are created in conjunction with Enrollment Services.

Outreach Services, a part of the Enrollment Services team, provides other opportunities to other constituents they serve. Articulation agreements are on going and constantly being drawn up with two-year colleges in North Dakota, Minnesota, Washington and Arizona. Dual credit for high school juniors and seniors is offered through MSU with many benefits to the high school student. For additional information, stop by Main 107 or call 701-788-4842.

The Financial Aid Office, in Main 106, assists students with processing their financial aid applications. Most student financial aid is based on need, achievement, special talent, and promise of success in college. Students receive aid from institutional, state and/or federal funds through grants and scholarships, federal work-study and educational loans. Each student seeking state and federal financial aid must submit annually a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The results of the FAFSA analysis are the determining factors in financial aid eligibility. While financial aid may be applied for throughout the academic year, priority will be given to students who have their FAFSA results submitted to MSU by March 15 of each year. Students must maintain satisfactory progress to receive continued financial aid funding.

SPECIAL NOTE: Scholarship applications must be filed with the Financial Aid Office by February 15.

Health and Wellness Services

The University provides a service to assist students with routine medical problems. Office hours are posted in Berg Hall. NOTE: After hours and/or weekend emergency situations should be referred to your Resident Director and/or the local hospital or clinic.

Students may obtain consultations, care for minor ailments and various other wellness related services. Students are entitled to 1 free office call (for illness only), at the Sanford Health - Mayville each year. An authorization slip must be presented at the time of the clinic visit. If a student is sick, he or she must notify the Student Services office or the Health and Wellness office so instructors may be notified. (In case of serious illness, parents may be notified.)


The cost of doctors, prescriptions, x-rays, or laboratory work is paid for by the student, if they are not covered by personal insurance. ALL STUDENTS are encouraged to carry health insurance if they are not covered by parental policies. A low-cost health insurance policy for students who do not have other coverage is available through a local company. Contact the Student Services Office in Main 107 for more information.

REMINDER: Student athletes are required to take a physical exam prior to involvement in their specific sport. Also, all students are required by state law to show proof of two measles-mumps-rubella immunizations upon registering for classes. International students from certain foreign countries are also required to provide proof of testing for Tuberculosis. New students residing in residence halls are also required to provide proof of immunization against meningitis.


Any student is welcome to reside in the institution’s residence halls, regardless of their age or class status. All freshmen and sophomore level students who are less than 21 years of age are required to live on campus in an approved residence hall. Students who live in the residence halls are required to take part in an approved Board plan.

Each of the three halls that make up on-campus housing possesses an individual personality, just like the students who live there. Each hall not only provides residential housing, but also strives to make a difference in the lives of the students in which it serves. Students have the opportunity to extend their classroom experience by participating in an array of recreational, social and educational activities. Add to the quality of your time at MSU by choosing to live in one of our contemporary living-learning centers.

Two traditional residence halls (large double rooms and community bathroom design) and a building with shared apartments and suites provide coeducational on-campus housing for approximately 260 students. All rooms are furnished. Residence halls also have recreational, laundry, and kitchen facilities. The housing application is completed online. New and returning students requesting a housing assignment will be required to pay an application fee and a first housing payment. The application fee is not be refundable, but the first-housing-payment for the fall semester is refundable. 

Off Campus Housing / Exceptions to On-Campus Living Requirement

The following categories of students are exempt from the above requirement, but they must complete an off-campus residence form for directory and emergency notification purposes and provide appropriate documentation (as indicated below), if requested.

  • Students who have at least 60 earned semester- or 92 earned quarter-credits. Documentation: A transcript indicating the number of earned credits.
  • Students who are 21 years of age at the beginning of the appropriate term of enrollment. Documentation: Verification of date of birth by a driver’s license or other document.
  • Married students, and/or those who have dependents residing with them. Documentation: A marriage license and/or dependent birth certificates.
  • Students who have lived in a residence hall at MSU or another institution for at least 4 semesters (6 quarters). Documentation: A letter from an appropriate official at previous institutions verifying residence, or other proof of residence; i.e. paid billing receipts.
  • Students who have served on active duty in the military for at least 18 months. National Guard and Reserve members are not eligible for this exemption unless they have active duty service time of 18 months. Documentation: A copy of the military record DD 214.
  • Freshmen and sophomore students who are living at home with their parents or legal guardian. This is the only exemption allowed for students in their first two years of enrollment unless they meet an exemption outlined in 1 – 5 above. Documentation: Parents of freshmen and sophomore students should contact the Director of Housing by phone or in person to verify that their son or daughter will reside at home.
  • Sophomore who completed 24 credits in their Freshmen year (not including dual credit and “Pass/No Pass” courses) and earned a 3.4 GPA. 

The policy requiring Freshmen and Sophomores to live on campus is grounded in decades of research that shows that students living in residence halls perform, as measured by grades, better than those students who live in off-campus apartment or homes.

Under no circumstances should students acquire off-campus housing without first securing permission from the Director of Student Life. The Student Life Office will ascertain the residency status of each student and request documentation to verify a student’s eligibility to live off campus. Students who meet the above exemption conditions must first provide the necessary documentation before assuming an off-campus residence. Students who wish to seek an exemption from this on-campus housing policy should first contact the Director of Student Life. The office of the Director of Student Life is located in Campus Center 106. Additional exemptions may be authorized by the Director of Student Life based on guidelines established by the Residence Life Sub-committee, including students with specific medical or health conditions and students who will be become 21 years of age during the term.

Students who are found to be in violation of the MSU Housing policy may be subject to partial or full charges for a residence hall room. Students who do not qualify for an exemption to this policy may appeal to the Residence Life Sub-committee. Students who request an exemption to the housing policy must do so at least three weeks prior to the end of the semester. Failure to submit a request and required documentation will subject the student to partial or full room charges for the semester.

Room Reservation Requests

Room Reservations

Reservation Requests for meeting rooms and other campus facilities can be made online. Phone call or email requests will not be accepted.
  1. Access the request site.
  2. Enter your information (* denotes required information).
  3. Push SUBMIT.
  4. Your request will be submitted to key personnel for consideration.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent as soon as possible – please contact if you have not received a confirmation within 48 hours.
Available meeting rooms for use by recognized student groups through this request are: Luckasen Room, Heritage Room, Classroom Building Auditorium, Campus Foyer, the table in the Campus Foyer, Student Senate Conference Room, Upper Student Lounge – Campus Center, and OM 111 Conference Room.  
For classroom requests, contact the Office of Academic Records at 701-788-4774. 

For Fieldhouse room requests, contact  

For Wellness Center room requests, contact

To cancel a reservation, contact

Information Technology Services

Computing Resource Agreement
The primary purpose of Mayville State University’s internet access system, including its wireless connections, is to support and facilitate education and research consistent with the educational objectives of MSU. The privilege of using the computing resources provided by the University is not transferable or extendable by members of the university community to people or groups outside the University.


The State Board of Higher Education Policy 1901.2 governs the users of MSU’s data processing capabilities. See the document at
Users of technology provided by or through Mayville State University are also governed by State Board of Higher Education Policy 1901.2, the Acceptable Use of Information


Technology Resources Policy.

See the document at

Users do not own accounts on the MSU network but are granted the privilege of exclusive use. Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, users are entitled to privacy regarding information contained in these accounts. This act, however, allows system administrators or other campus employees to access user files in the normal course of their employment when necessary to protect the integrity of computer systems or the rights or property of the institution. For example, system administrators may examine or make copies of files that are suspected of misuse or that have been corrupted or damaged. User files may be subject to search by law enforcement agencies under court order if such files contain information that may be used as evidence in a court of law.


Help Desk Technical Support
The MSU Help Desk located in the lower level of the Byrnes-Quanbeck technical support for computers, computer networking, and interactive video services. The MSU Help Desk is available for phone and walk-in support approximately 10 hours per day, Monday-Thursday and 9 hours on Friday. A North Dakota University System Help Desk provides additional phone support for approximately 16 hours per day, seven days per week, except holidays.


Identification cards are made for every students enrolled at Mayville State. The photo ID serves as the student's admission to all university-sponsored events as well as a control card for use of library resources and Food Service. Exterior doors to residence halls and the wellness center, and other doors, use the Student ID to permit entry. Requests for further information and/or what to do about lost ID cards should be directed to the Student Life Office, CC106.

There is a charge of $16 for replacing a lost ID card and $8 for replacing a damaged card (must surrender the damaged card). The identification card must be presented when requested by university officials.

A.      In order to protect the safety and welfare of students and employees of the University and to protect the

property of the University, all persons on property under the jurisdiction of the University shall identify themselves to an institutional representative who has identified himself/herself. A person identifies himself/herself by giving his/her name and complete address and stating truthfully his/her relationship to the University. A person may be asked to present some form of identification.

B.      If any person refuses or fails upon request to present evidence of his/her identification and it reasonably 

appears that the person has no legitimate reason to be on the campus or in the facility, the person may be ejected from the campus or facility. In addition, if the person is a student he/she may be subject to disciplinary actions.


MSU’s intramural-recreational sports program enriches student life by offering a broad range of activities designed to meet the needs of the campus community. The wholesome competition provided by intramurals allows students to develop sport skills and improve physical fitness.

In order to participate in intramural athletics, an individual must be a MSU student, faculty or staff member. Students who participate on an intercollegiate athletic team may not compete in their same intramural sport. For more information on intramurals, visit the Student Involvement Office located in the Campus Center 103.

Jobs (on Campus & off Campus)

The faculty and staff at MSU recognize that student’s academic and extra-curricular activities take precedence in their daily schedule. However, we also offer on-campus work opportunities for those students who may wish to combine work with study. Work is scheduled around classes and coordinated by the immediate supervisor. Opportunities usually exist in offices, help desk, custodial, athletics, campus pool, science labs, etc. All campus student employment is coordinated by the staff of Career Services.

Most on-campus jobs are offered to students who have qualified for work study as part of their financial aid award. (NOTE: Students who are eligible for Work Study and decline it are not eligible to work on campus) Students with work study will have until the end of the first week of classes to apply for jobs. After that, jobs will be advertised to all students.

ALL jobs (work study, non-work study, area part-time jobs, internships, and so on) are posted on the MSU Jobs Network (see link at *Local jobs will be listed under “Mayville State University” or “May-Port Area Jobs” and classified as on-campus or part-time jobs. Any student seeking work (now or in the near future) should register on this site and view the job descriptions.

POLICY REGARDING STUDENT SUMMER EMPLOYMENT: To be eligible for summer employment on the campus, a student must have been enrolled during the past academic year at Mayville State and must be registered for the following Fall Semester. New students may begin employment in the summer if they are registered for Fall Semester. When a student plans to transfer from Mayville State before Fall Semester, they will not be offered a summer position.

International Students Seeking Jobs U.S. Immigration law does not allow international students to work off-campus without permission by the immigration service. For all jobs-related questions, international students should speak to Heather Hoyt, PDSO, in the Office of Academic Records, or contact the staff in Career Services & Internships.

Any student, seeking any job, should first register on the MSU Jobs Network, then contact the Academic Advising staff in Old Main. 

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

A lost and found service is provided as a convenience to the students. Please claim or turn in lost items to the Service Department in the lower level of Main in Room 25. Less formally, the Bookstore and the Admissions/Enrollment Services Offices often hold, temporarily, lost and found items. Emails are sent campus-wide when items are found or reported lost. Any items not claimed will be discarded in accordance to the Abandoned Property policy.

MSU Mailroom

The MSU Mailroom, located in the lower level of Main, Room 25, provides mail service to the campus community. The goal of the MSU Mailroom is to provide all students with the best service possible. To achieve our goal, it is necessary for all students, as well as those sending mail to students, to understand and comply with the simple but vital regulations listed below.


  1. All actively enrolled students, taking 6 or more credits on MSU campus, whether living on or off campus are required to maintain a mailbox. The use of this mailbox is restricted to personal U.S. mail, faxes received at the Mailroom fax machine, express and ground service shipments delivered by specified private delivery carriers and official campus mail. Using your mailbox address to operate a business, conduct business for a student organization or receive mail for anyone other than the assigned box holder is prohibited.
  2. Campus mailbox must be opened upon arrival on campus and checked regularly.
  3. Students who receive mail on campus should have their mail addressed as follows:

Proper Name
330 3rd St NE # ____ (your box number)
Mayville, ND 58257

          4.  Keys must returned and forwarding addresses given within 10 days of completion of Spring semester, or if student leaves MSU earlier. Failure to do so will incur a $25.00 replacement fee.

            5.  If a student is taking summer classes, they may register to keep mailbox open the entire summer.


  • Acceptance and distribution of campus and U.S. mail, including registered, certified, express and insured, via a mailbox system.
  • Acceptance and distribution of letters and packages received from specified private overnight delivery carriers.
  • Stamps for USPS shipment of letters and packages.
  • Forwarding student mail.
  • Incoming/Outgoing Fax Service. Incoming faxes, which should indicate the recipient's name and box number, will be placed into mailboxes when received.
  • Campus Switchboard

COLLECTING PACKAGES: Notices of arrival will be placed into recipient's mailbox when packages arrive. All packages will require a signature when collected.

MSU Mailroom is providing this service as a courtesy only and it is expressly acknowledged and understood by any students for whom packages are held that Mayville State University is not acting as an agent or bailey for the student. The University assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damages resulting directly or indirectly therefrom and such students further agree to release and discharge Mayville State University from any claims, loss or cost of damages therefrom. This service is used by students at their own risk. The Mailroom reserves the right to reject and not accept any packages from any carrier at its discretion and as it sees fit.

ON-CAMPUS MAIL POLICY: Campus mail is correspondence circulated within the MSU mail system without postage. All such mail must be official University business. Students may use campus mail to send official business correspondence to academic and administrative offices without postage. All personal correspondence to anyone within the University community requires appropriate U.S. postage. University Mail Services reserves the right to inspect all material received without postage to ensure compliance with its regulations.


Students may park their vehicles in all university parking lots except behind the Main Building, the Child Development Center and/or areas specifically posted (i.e. handicapped, employee parking, etc.). No overnight parking is allowed in the Campus Center Parking lot. All city and university street signs and parking regulation signs must be adhered to or tickets and/or fines will be issued by city police. In addition, violations of parking policy in residence hall lots may result in institutional fines and/or sanctions. Contact your Resident Director or the Director of Student Life for more details.


MSU works closely with the Veterans Administration in providing educational opportunities for discharged veterans. Veterans will be admitted to Mayville State upon the completion of entrance requirements, national test results or by enrolling as special students. Questions regarding veterans can be forwarded to the institutional certifying official in the Admissions Office (701-788-4667).