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Student Handbook 2019-2020

Academic Advising/Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor is the person whom you will consult regarding course selection and the overall planning of your degree. An advisor is responsible for supporting students and partnering with them so they can make informed decisions and create the right goals in order to excel. Incoming freshmen will be advised by their Seminar on Success (SOS) first year experience course instructor for their first year at Mayville State. Upper-class students should be assigned to faculty members in their declared major. Students have the opportunity to develop a close personal relationship with faculty members who serve as their advisors. Advisors are available to assist with career decisions and personal adjustment concerns, in addition to planning class schedules and assisting with the registration process.

Changing your Major

Current students who wish to change majors and/or advisors would discuss their interests with their current advisor and complete the Program Update Form and submit it via e-mail or in person to their current advisor. Following advisor approval and completion of the Program Update form, it would then forwarded via e-mail or in person to the Division Chair for assignment of new advisor. After the Division Chair makes an advisor assignment and completes Part C of form, it is sent via e-mail or as printed copy to the Academic Records Office for final processing. An Academic Requirement Report degree audit is available via the Office of Academic Records Student Resources page.

For students who express indecision about choice of major, Career Services has resources for students to explore academic and career choices.


The Admissions Office is located in Main 102. If you have any outstanding documents to complete your admissions process, such as high school transcripts or immunization forms, you will need to submit them during your first semester at Mayville State. 

Office of Academic Records

The Office of Academic Records is located in Old Main Building 114.

The responsibilities of the Office:

  1. Permanent transcripts and files on all MSU students
  2. Issuing transcripts
  3. Student pre-registration and registration including continuing education
  4. Drop-add registration changes
  5. Student Academic Assessment Report
  6. Evaluation of transfer credits from all institutions
  7. Certifying enrollment of all students
  8. Identifying students on academic probation/suspension
  9. Identifying students eligible for Dean's List
  10. Creating and distributing the semester and yearly class schedules
  11. Maintaining the C-ND master catalog
  12. Final test schedules
  13. Petitions for excess student-load, arranged courses, independent study. advanced standing
  14. Applications for major declaration and prior learning experience
  15. Evaluation of requirements for teacher education, student teaching, internships, financial aid, and graduation
  16. Application for graduation and teaching certification
  17. Requests for substitution or waiver of academic requirements
  18. Commencement bulletin, graduation lists, graduation honors, commencement exercises, and diplomas
  19. Certifying graduates for teacher certification
  20. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  21. Good student discounts for insurance
  22. Building/maintaining the Academic Requirement Report

Career Services and Internship

Career Services provides career development support to students and alumni.

  • Major and career exploration
  • Access to employment opportunities and internships
  • Assistance with resume, cover letter and interview preparation

Connect ND

"Campus Connection," "PeopleSoft," "Connect ND," and "Campus Solutions" all refer to the student information system maintained by the Computer Technical Services office of the North Dakota University System. This platform provides all students with Internet access to class registration, class schedules, grades, fee statements, and financial aid award statements. Access your account at

The Office of Extended Learning is designed to assist both on-campus and distance students with all distance learning courses and programs. Distance learning courses may be delivered via the internet, IVN (Interactive Video Network) or off-campus face to face. If you would like more information about distance learning opportunities, please go to the MSU web site at and click “MSU Online”, stop by the Office of Extended Learning located in MB 102. The Office of Extended Learning also coordinates the collaborative student process which allows students registered at Mayville State University to take courses collaboratively with another NDUS campus.

International Students

International students, including students from Canada, are required to have their immigration documents, the I-20 AB, signed by the designated school official once a year. The "designated school official" for immigration at Mayville State is the Director of Academic Records.

International students must carry an academic load of at least 12 semester hours during each term of attendance in order to remain in good standing with the United States Immigration Service unless excused from this requirement by the Director of Academic Records. U.S. Immigration law does not allow international students to work off-campus without permission by the immigration service.

Some helpful information we've come across related to international students and U.S. Immigration regulations:

To re-enter the United States after a temporary absence, you must carry your I-94 (arrival & departure record), your I-20 ID and a properly endorsed page 4 of your I-20. When leaving the US, whether it's by land or air, always have in your possession your Student Visa and your official school form confirming your attendance at Mayville State University.

If you fly from outside the US, including Canada, sometimes the flight crew is unfamiliar with the current Customs regulations. Remember to never surrender your Student Visa to anyone who is not an Immigration Official. It is also important for you to know that U.S. Immigration will often and without notice change its policy regarding International Students. Check with Academic Records before making any trip "home" to help us help you. 

Learning Management System (“Blackboard”)

All MSU classes use a LMS (Learning Management System) called "Blackboard" to enhance student learning. The LMS includes tools for syllabi, course handouts, announcements, group and private discussions, test administration, Internet links, and delivery of course content. The typical classroom course uses one or more of the tools, while totally online classes use most of the available tools. 


Your student ID serves as your library card, not only to Byrnes-Quanbeck Library, but also to many of the other North Dakota libraries that belong to ODIN. Sometimes you might need something the Library does not own. No problem—you can borrow that item through Interlibrary Loan, a free service.

Library Hours

Fall and Spring Semesters

Monday - Thursday, 8 am - 10 pm; Friday, 8 am – 5 pm;
Sunday, 6 pm – 10 pm


Summer Semester and Monday – Friday, when Classes are not in Session

7:30 a.m. – 4:30 pm

The library is closed on holidays and on Saturdays.

Student Success Center

The Academic Support Center has services that are available to all Mayville State University students, both on campus and off campus, who would like to take advantage of various opportunities and resources to enhance their academic experience at MSU. Services available are: Supplemental Instruction, Traditional Tutoring and Peer-led Study Groups, computerized assisted instruction (ranging from basic skills to more advanced skill improvement), guidance in effective study strategies, proofreading services, referrals, etc. Additional services and accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities. Students who request accommodations for disabilities must register with the Coordinator of Disabilities Services. The Student Success Center office is located in the Classroom Building, room 109.

Withdrawal from the University

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the University should consult staff in the Student Success Center, located in Classroom Building 108. Instructions for following the appropriate withdrawal procedure will be provided. This procedure is extremely important both to the student and to the University because such things as course grades, refunds, bills, financial aid and on-campus housing are involved. If students do feel it necessary to withdraw from school, they are advised to do so before the deadline for dropping classes, which is the Friday of the 12th week in a semester. After this date, students will receive grades in their classes, even if they have not been attending them. To avoid establishing a record of failing grades, students should pay attention to this deadline and follow the withdrawal procedure outlined above. For complete academic information go the Academic Catalog.

Students that withdraw from school are suspended from receiving financial aid for the following semesters with the right to appeal. All students that withdraw from school or receive all “F”s for the term may be required to return all or a portion of their financial aid received for that term.

Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students to access their knowledge stores and effectively put their ideas on paper. The Writing Center is useful for every student, at every level, and in any discipline. We work with students who are finishing their composition courses, completing research papers, working on portfolio reviews, finishing capstone projects, working in multimedia courses, and needing any other type of writing assistance. The Writing Center has set hours when tutors are available to students. You can make an appointment by stopping in and signing our scheduler or by calling the Center. Walk-in appointments are available, but we recommend making appointments ahead of time to ensure that a tutor is available. Distance students are also welcome to use the Writing Center. To make an appointment, e-mail the Writing Center Coordinator at appointments are free to students.