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HPER Library Resources

A guide to library resources for students taking courses in the health, physical education, and recreation fields.

Getting Started with Research

Especially when you are new to your research topic, it can be hard to figure out how to get started. When you are not familiar enough with the topic assigned to you or struggling to come up with a relevant topic for a project, a good starting place can be to look at an encyclopedia for a general overview of topics. The Points of View Reference Center is a great starting point for projects requiring you to make a persuasive argument about a social issue. Ether of the sources below can help you get inspired.

Evaluating Health Information

Health information is easy to find online but there is a lot of inaccurate information and people really only trying to sell things. As HPER professionals you will be responsible for not only providing people with accurate information but also helping others learn how to evaluate the information they find online.

Side Note: The article from the National Institute on Aging points to the URL as a helpful tool. Be aware that the .org domain while generally representing an organization is not policed like the .edu and .gov domains. In other words, .org doesn't really mean anything.

Freely Accessible Reliable Health Related Websites

decorativeThere is a lot of online health and exercise information online. Whether you are searching for information for a project, a personal goal, and for a client, you will want to go beyond looking at a website and seeing it confirms what you already know. The sources you use should be extremely trustworthy. The websites below are some of the first places you should look for freely available online health information.