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Printing Services

Printing Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

Global Follow Me

The preferred printer for all Faculty and Staff to use in the Global Follow Me printer. When you choose this printer, your print job will be released from the printer of your choice by either waving your ID card, entering your EMPL-ID, or logging in with your username and password. Print jobs stay in the print que for 4 hours. So if you print something and forget to release it, you will need to start over with your print job.

Using Global Follow Me is an important part of privacy and security at our university. If you do not have access to this printer, please contact ITS so they can assist you.

Additional Printer Functionality

Unfortunately, Global Follow Me does not have the same functionality as some of our printers/copiers on campus. If your position requires a large about of printing using the ability to staple or fold for the creation of booklets and programs, you can request access directly to a specific printer from ITS. However, Global Follow Me should always be your default printer. For staff and faculty who rarely use those extra features, you can send your print job to and the library or ITS will get them printed for you within 24 hours during the regular work week.