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Printing Services

Spiral Binding

decorativeSpiral binding is available in the library with limited options for colors and sizes.

The options are listed below.

Things to consider, we do not stock plastic covers. If you would like your cover sheet to be laminated, please do so in the MSU Bookstore before bringing your document.

We do stock index paper which can be used as for covers.

Spiral binding projects can generally be done within 24 hours during the business week. Contact for more information.

Size Max Pages Cost White Blue Navy Black
6MM 35 1.50 X X X X
10MM 80 1.50   X X  
12MM 100 1.75 X     X
13MM 110 1.75     X X
14MM 120 1.75       X
16MM 140 1.75   X X X
30MM 280 2.00   X   X